Selwood Garden Village

Selwood Garden Village

In February 2018 the Selwood Garden Village proposal was made public. It is a response to the Mendip District Council Local Plan Part 2 Consultation. It suggests that the MDC plan should allow for a further 2,200 homes in Frome and these should be sited to the south of the town, below Keyford on the southern slopes of the town. The scheme also includes business allocations & a community hub. It was submitted by the ‘South Frome Consortium’, a group of landowners  and consultants. The Civic Society has created an information website about this proposal.

The Roles of Fair Housing for Frome in respect to Selwood Garden Village

The aim of Fair Housing for Frome (FHfF) is to support the provision of affordable and accessible accommodation for inhabitants of Frome and the surrounding areas.

On this basis, FHfF will be keen to work as closely as possible with Mendip District Council, Frome Town Council and with NVB Architects and the development consortium, not only to ensure that there are a significant number of ‘affordable homes’ included in the Selwood Garden Village development, but also that these homes are genuinely affordable for local people.

There are four key roles that Fair Housing for Frome aims to take:

  1. To be a clear source of information for the general public about the consultation, planning and development process, and how we can all get involved
  2. To lobby for a thorough and inclusive consultation process
  3. To act as an advocate for the needs of local people on low incomes
  4. To sustain a holistic vision for the proposed development, emphasizing that it’s not just about building housing but about creating community

If you have comments or questions about the Selwood Garden Village, please use our forum to discuss these.