1. To encourage and support landlords to adopt best practice on safety standards, to stay up to date on compliance, and to act in harmony with the values of the Association, through the provision of training, information and mutual support.
  2. To provide a forum for information sharing, collaboration and cooperation amongst 
landlords, particularly landlords who manage their own properties. This will include exploring the potential for group discounts, and how to manage disagreements and difficulties in a fair, constructive and harmonious way.
  3. To promote better understanding and a more positive image of the role of private landlords among the general public and in the media.
  4. To support prospective landlords who wish to acquire and manage property to do so in a responsible manner.
  5. To work with any future Frome Tenants Association to foster a positive relationship between tenants and landlords and to jointly develop a more fair and accessible private rented sector in the town.
  6. To take a constructive role in dialogue, activities and events relating to the shortage of housing for local people in Frome.
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