Recent Events 

Monday 19th November from 7 – 9pm

FHfF Open Forum on Affordable Housing in Frome
7 – 9pm, free of charge, everyone welcome.

  • What is ‘affordable housing’, and how much of it is genuinelyaffordable to those on lower incomes?
  • What is the need for affordable rented housing in Frome? How much of the housing need is hidden? How can we reach people whose housing situation is precarious?
  • How much affordable housing is being built in new developments in the town?
  • How can we ensure that more genuinely affordable housing is offered in future developments? What role might there be for social housing?
  • What role might there be for a ‘community-led’ organisation in providing affordable homes to local people?



During 2017 Fair Housing for Frome received funding from Frome Town Council to run a series of events to investigate and seek solutions to the housing crisis in the town. The initial public meeting was a great success, with many people reporting that they felt empowered and inspired to get involved and do something practical. This was followed by six themed meetings (see below for details).

  • MAY 22nd:  Self-Build  & Co-Housing Meeting 

To join in discussions started at these meetings, click on the meeting to go to that theme’s dedicated page and put your own point of view on our public forum