August 2017

Would you like to help people in Frome who are either homeless or in insecure housing? Here are some immediate ways to offer support. If you have other suggestions, please share them on this website or via the Fair Housing for Frome facebook site.

If you find someone who is sleeping rough, StreetLink is a new 24/7 website and mobile alert system designed to get help to them as quickly as possible. Visit www.streetlink.org.uk

Elim Connect is looking for:

  • Private landlords with one-bed flats to trial a ‘Housing First’ initiative
  • Volunteers to set up and run an emergency shelter in cold weather
  • Any other offers of volunteer support or donations for their charitable work

Contact: Suzanne Addicott on 01749 677097; email:suzanne@connect-centre.org.uk


Mendip YMCA is looking for:

  • Local people willing to join the Emergency Host Family Scheme, which offers an overnight room to a homeless person in Frome for up to seven days
  • Landlords willing to take tenants on benefits

Contact: Carol Plenty on 01749 679553; cplenty@mendipymca.org.uk


Routes Café in Palmer Street (run by Mendip YMCA) is looking for:

  • Volunteer mentors and counsellors to work with young people
  • Volunteers to help run the café service

Contact: Sue Crisfield on 01749 679553; scrisfield@mendipymca.org.uk


Fair Frome is looking for:

  • Donations of money and food

Contact: Wendy Miller-Williams on 01373 488578/07714 587129; wendy@fairfrome.org