Fair Housing for Frome has received funding from Frome Town Council to run a series of events during 2017 to investigate and seek solutions to the housing crisis in the town. The initial public meeting took place on 29 April  and was a great success, with many people reporting that they felt empowered and inspired to get involved and do something practical . The  six Monday evening meetings at Frome Town Hall in May, June, July, September, October and November will try to present different issues in a way that lead to practical solutions in Frome.


  • NEXT Event SEPTEMBER 25th. Meeting about Tenants and Landlords  in Town Hall
    Our next meeting will be held from 6-8pm on Monday 25th September at Frome Town Hall on the subject of Tenants and Landlords. As social housing becomes more and more difficult to access, can the private sector take the strain? This meeting will be of particular interest to anyone who is a tenant. Join us to share your views and experiences (good and bad) and to discuss what can be done to improve the situation.

  • OCTOBER Public Event OCTOBER 23RD.
    Meeting about CREATING NEW HOMES  in Town Hall 
     New homes are being built in Frome. But are they enough, and are they the type of housing that the town and its people need?

This meeting will be an opportunity for us to learn about and discuss existing and planned housing developments in Frome:

  • How much new-build has been allocated for Frome?
  • Where is the house-building happening, and where is it planned?
  • How does the system work – and how much influence can Frome Town Council and local people have?
  • How many of the new homes are social housing? How many are genuinely affordable – for example, for young people who have grown up in Frome and would like to stay here?
  • What role can councils and housing associations have in developing homes for social rent?

We shall hear from people involved in different parts of the planning system, and will explore what we can learn from successful initiatives elsewhere in the country.We hope that this session will generate practical ideas for creating not just homes, but homes that will genuinely benefit our town and its community.

Showing the famous Film “Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle”  Monday 6th November. Rook Lane Chapel – Bath Street, BA11 1DN

See Trailer …

Doors 19.00 // Starts 19.30

In 2017 housing rose to the top of the British political agenda for the first time in a generation. But despite the media spotlight, few stories examined the catastrophic long-term failures that resulted in a chronic shortage of social housing in the United Kingdom.

Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle explores the agenda behind the neglect, demolition and regeneration of council estates in the U.K. over the past thirty years. The film reveals how individuals and communities are fighting against the state and private developers, as they try to save their homes from demolition, while investigating the decisions that turned a crisis into a tragedy.

Dispossession is the story of people who know that housing is not an expensive luxury, but a fundamental human right.

This event is being organised by Fair Housing for Frome as part of our campaign to tackle the housing crisis facing Frome. We hope the screening will help us explore what is happening to social housing, and the role that it could and should play locally.

The screening will be followed by a discussion.

All are welcome. Entry is free, though donations will be welcome on the night.


  • Monday 24th July in the Cheese and Grain
  • Followup to Homelessness Meeting
  • Monday 17th July in the Town Hall
  • General Homelessness Meeting
  • Monday 26th June in the Blue House, The Bridge, FROME  6-8pm
  • Follow Up  from the Shared Living Meeting on 19th June
  • Monday 19 June, 6-8pm at Frome Town Hall, Christchurch St. W.
    Homesharing & Intergenerational Community
  • Tuesday 13th June   in the Old Church School, Butts Hill, BA11 1HR 6-8pm.  Follow Up  from the Self-Build Meeting on 22nd May
  • Monday 22nd May   in the Old Church School, Butts Hill, BA11 1HR 6-8
  •  Self-Build  & Co-Housing Meeting Free entry and refreshments