Creating New Homes

How can we encourage the creation of new affordable homes?

  • OCTOBER Public Event OCTOBER 23RD.
    Meeting about CREATING NEW HOMES  in Town Hall
     New homes are being built in Frome. But are they enough, and are they the type of housing that the town and its people need?

This meeting will be an opportunity for us to learn about and discuss existing and planned housing developments in Frome:

  • How much new-build has been allocated for Frome?
  • Where is the house-building happening, and where is it planned?
  • How does the system work – and how much influence can Frome Town Council and local people have?
  • How many of the new homes are social housing? How many are genuinely affordable – for example, for young people who have grown up in Frome and would like to stay here?
  • What role can councils and housing associations have in developing homes for social rent?

We shall hear from people involved in different parts of the planning system, and will explore what we can learn from successful initiatives elsewhere in the country.We hope that this session will generate practical ideas for creating not just homes, but homes that will genuinely benefit our town and its community.