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Sept 2018: We’re hiring! Details of the Tenant and Lodger Project post here.

Fair Housing for Frome (FHfF) is a  grassroots organisation that began in November 2015 when a group of local people met to discuss the housing crisis in our town. Its objective is to support the provision of decent, secure, affordable and accessible accommodation in Frome for local people on low incomes who are being squeezed out by rising prices, stagnating wages and profit-led developments and practices. FHfF wants to be an example of how local volunteer-led activism can create a positive can-do attitude and enable a rural town to maintain a diverse and vibrant community despite local and national socio-economic pressures.

We are grateful to have secured  funding from the Tudor Trust, Frome Town Council and the TDS Charitable Foundation to appoint two development workers whose job is to implement some of these ideas.  We have developed a 12-point plan of achievable goals based on our consultations with the town during 2017. (see below).

On April 30th we launched this new phase with a celebratory meeting from 6:30-8:30 in Frome Town Hall. To join in the discussions and activities about what can be done and what is already being one, please visit our public forum or visit our facebook page


Preventing homelessness

  1. Publicise the services that already exist and how to access them
  2. Identify and fill gaps eg a housing advocate scheme for families at risk
  3. Campaign for affordable units within new housing developments
  4. Continue raising awareness and developing housing literacy in the town

Enhancing the private rented sector

  1. Establish a Fair Landlords club
  2. Set up and support a tenants association
  3. Promote lodging, including a Homeshare and SharedLives scheme
  4. Explore how to improve practice among local letting agents

 Supporting tiny homes and other people-centred solutions

  1. Carry out a Citizens Land Audit to identify short-term and long-term sites
  2. Secure support from the three tiers of local government (Somerset, Mendip, Frome)
  3. Showcase good practice eg by hosting a tiny homes summit
  4. Set up a Community Land Trust and explore funding possibilities eg a local investment scheme

How to get involved :


Tiny Homes Detroit is the first rent-then-own model of its kind

Selwood Garden Village