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Are you concerned about the shortage of decent affordable housing for local people in our town?

Fair Housing for Frome (FHfF) are a community group who are running a campaign during 2017 to raise awareness of, and find solutions to the housing crisis in Frome.


NEXT Event JULY 17th. Meeting about HOMELESSNESS  in Town Hall –

Are you concerned about homelessness and poverty in Frome? If so, don’t miss the upcoming meeting on Monday 17th July 

 “Clearly something unique and horrendous is happening to the bottom end of our society” Frank Field MP told a group of government advisors at the end of June, sharing stories from his Birkenhead constituency that included: the child sent by its parents to scavenge food in a supermarket bin; the family who begged for candles at the food bank because they had no money for electricity; and the starving family whose baby was found crawling around on bare floorboards with nails sticking out.

Sadly the work of Fair Housing for Frome suggests that similar things are happening around us right now in Somerset, even if we don’t always see them. Long-term local families are facing eviction from their homes as rents continue to rise – even when one or more parent is in work. An 84 year-old woman was recently made homeless. Others are sleeping in tents around the town. Demand for the Fair Frome food bank continues to rise, and there are queues for the end-of-the-day bread that shops donate to Edventure’s Community Fridge.

 “The housing crisis in Frome is getting worse – and it’s often below the radar” says Mendip councillor Des Harris, one of the organisers of the upcoming event. “I’m hearing more and more stories of people struggling to survive in our town, whether they’re sofa-surfing or actually sleeping rough. Please join us on Monday 17th July from 6 – 8pm at Frome Town Hall to hear from people with first-hand experience of homelessness, and to explore what can be done. Anyone with their own story to share will be particularly welcome.” Mendip District Council, Elim Connect Centre, the YMCA, Fair Frome and the Bridge Cafe will also be represented at the meeting. 

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LAST Event JUNE 19th. Meeting about Shared Living in Town Hall – details

FOLLOW UP  from the Shared Living  Meeting on 26th June – Details

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At the hustings for the upcoming election Toby Eliot asked the question. “What do you intend to do to provide affordable housing for the young and single households?”

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